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Woodville Map 6 Lot 3A 216 acres

Penobscot County, Maine
$110,000 or $509.00/acre
± 216.00 Acres

Woodville Map 6 Lot 3A 216 acres

Large lot with Oppertunities!

Large lot consisting of ±216 acres of which 18 acres are softwood, ±145 acres typed as mixed wood and 4 acres in hardwood type. There are ±48 acres of wetlands and ±1 acre associated with Ebhorse stream. The wetlands in and around Ebhorse are classified as national inventoried wetlands, wildlife wetlands and a 75’ setback in the riparian zone. Good hunting area with a deer wintering candidate zoned area just south. The above acreage calculation and wetland and deer habitat comments are from the Tree Growth Tax Law program application and the State of Maine’s Beginning with Habitat website, respectively. The Tree Growth Tax status states the property must produce commercial forest products from time to time based on the landowner objectives to stay enrolled and receive tax break. The taxes for 2022 were only $371.53. The property has not been harvested for over 30 since a clear cut was performed. Many of the trees are now very close to being harvestable. The property is LANDLOCKED with no know legal access. Historic access has been across large industrial private landowners with permission. NOTE: CLICK ON THE MAP ICON FOR INTERACTIVE MAPS AND PROPERTY DOCUMENTS TO SEE MORE MAPS, DEEDS, DISCLOSURES, ETC.


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