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About Us

We're in this to help you meet your real estate needs.

The best way to determine if AFM Real Estate can meet your needs is to reach out directly to us. In the meantime, here are just a few of the reasons we’re uniquely qualified to help you.

Buying or selling land is not the same as buying or selling homes.

Land transactions are more complex than they may appear on the surface, and if you’re not careful you may unknowingly buy a parcel of land that has issues or restrictions that get in the way of your goals. Or, if you’re selling your land, you may not realize the best way to market it or get the highest possible price.

Land transactions require a special kind of expertise. Expertise that AFM Real Estate brings with over 50 years specializing exclusively in land including:

  • Virtually all of our agents have years of land-specific job experience before we hire them.
  • Many hold graduate and post-graduate degrees in Forestry, Land Management, Agriculture, and/or Wildlife Management.
  • All have proven track-records in marketing a vast array of land types: developmental, recreational/hunting, rural home sites, large acreage estates and plantations, investment grade timberland, and mini farms.

It takes more than a real estate broker to get the best results.

In addition to the land-specific education and experience they bring, our brokers have access to the unparalleled resources of our national land management company such as:

  • State-certified General Appraisers
  • Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA)
  • Geographic Information Specialists
  • Marketing Professionals & Tools
  • Administrative/ Accounting Professionals
  • Timberland Specialists
  • Mapping Technicians
  • Data Analysts
  • Foresters
  • Biometricians
  • Wildlife Biologists

It takes someone who knows the area intimately.

With 49 offices across the country, our brokers know the unique aspects of the land in your region:

  • Long-standing relationships with known local, regional, and national buyers and sellers
  • History of the land and its value over time
  • Real-time market data and trends
  • Specific local and state ordinances governing land and its use
  • Identifying the highest-and-best potential use of your land, specific to the indigenous nuances of your region
  • Wildlife habitat management

We'd Love To Tell You More.

Reach out anytime to talk to one of our experts that knows your area.