AFM Land Sales provides the highest level of professionalism and expertise in all real estate activities. Specializing in the sale of predominantly unimproved land, AFM offers much more than the traditional brokerage company. Our highly trained and skilled real estate personnel are actively engaged in the rural property market every day and we strive to provide the highest quality services possible. We offer brokerage services throughout the Southeast, Lake States and Appalachian Regions of the United States.

Unlike most timber management and land resource companies, or even the largest real estate firms, we have an extensive, skilled core staff whose only job is the brokerage of investment quality timberland, development, recreational, farming and rural acreage. Most of these brokers and salespeople have forestry and wildlife management backgrounds. However, their time is not split between timberland management duties or the sale of commercial or residential properties. Therefore, AFM Real Estate Services Group has the ability to focus on selling your property as quickly as possible for the highest return.

Whether you are purchasing land for recreation, investment or development, we are qualified to answer the most technical inquiries and give essential advice in a way that is informative and helpful. Our real estate personnel can address specific issues such as soil productivity, timber volume and pricing, fertilization rates, and wildlife management techniques.

We also have the expertise to advise our clients if their property will bring a higher return if some timber is harvested before the land is sold, if food plots should be installed, if interior road work should be implemented or if subdividing a portion of the property for commercial development is in the client's best interest. AFM Real Estate personnel are supported by foresters with four-year and advanced degrees, licensed appraisers, data analysts, mapping technicians and highly qualified administrative specialists. Working with our extensive support staff, AFM is able to offer future cash flow projections from hunt leases and timber sales that can significantly increase offers, growth and yield modeling for investment minded buyers and future timber and wildlife management recommendations which are helpful to prospective buyers in realizing a tract's potential value. Additional services include Phase I environmental assessments, study of land sale activity in the area and timber market analysis.

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