Bonnie Doone Plantation
Acreage in South Carolina for Sale

Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for sale

    Bonnie Doone Plantation in South Carolina is being offered for sale. The Bonnie Doone property consists of 7,538.34 acres in Colleton County, SC. American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM) is the exclusive listing agent for this transaction. The Bonnie Doone package will be offered in four blocks and can be purchased individually, in combination or in its entirety.
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    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for sale

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for salePROPERTY OVERVIEW
    The 7,538.34-acre Bonnie Donne Plantation is comprised of four individual sale blocks ranging in size from the 4,257.44-acre Block 2 to the 480.04-acre Block 3. This area, which is well-situated within 15 minutes from downtown Walterboro, South Carolina, 45 miles from historic Charleston and 65 miles from the Beaufort-Hilton Head-Savannah area, has an extraordinary cultural and natural heritage, as well as possible development potential that may include golf courses, residential and retirement communities, and sporting properties.

    The offering provides a unique opportunity to own one of the last remaining large contiguous blocks of plantation acreage in the Low Country of South Carolina. This area, known as the ACE Basin, is one of the largest undeveloped estuaries on the east coast of the United States. Bonnie Doone is a premier recreational property and it offers more than 7 miles of paved road frontage, an excellent internal road system, and internal stream tributaries to the Ashepoo River. Upland stands of mature pine and hardwood trees as well as numerous water sources offer a host of wildlife management opportunities that may include hunting for duck, turkey, quail and deer. Old growth live oaks dot an old farm headquarters on a hill close by the navigable Ashepoo River which provides for a perfect Low Country plantation house site with fishing and boating access. With no internal out parcels or public roads, Block 2 offers the ultimate in privacy in a plantation setting. The following descriptions are related to the entire offering. Back to top>>>

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for sale


    Bonnie Doone is located in Saint Bartholomew Parish on the headwaters of the Ashepoo River, known as Horseshoe and Ivanhoe Creeks. The history dates back to 1722 when a royal land grant was made to William Hopton. Mr. Hopton’s great grandson, Dr. Theodore DeHon, is believed to have built the original plantation house in 1765. During the Civil War, federal troops burned the house which was still owned by the DeHon family. Rice became one of its chief crops and the original rice fields are still visible today.

    Between 1906 and 1931, title passed back and forth between the Sanders family and Colleton Mercantile. No attempt to rebuild the house was made until A.H. Caspary, a New York stockbroker, purchased Bonnie Doone from Paul Sanders. Caspary eventually combined nine tracts of land into a 15,000-acre holding. He took the name Bonnie Doone from one of the tracts he acquired and applied it to the entire ownership. Mr. Caspary lived on the property, staying from November to May, for twenty years.

    J. Peter Grace bought this SC acreage in 1954 from A.H. Caspary. Mr. Grace was the head of the W.R. Grace Company, which among other holdings ran the Grace Steamship Line and owned extensive acreage in South America. At $1.5 million, this transaction may have been a record sum paid for a plantation property. At the time, the property had been managed as a game preserve for years and was thought to hold more wild turkeys than anywhere in the state of South Carolina, other than the Francis Marion State Forest.

    Williams Furniture acquired the property from J. Peter Grace, Jr. in 1957 and began managing it for timber production. Since 1957, the ownership has changed hands but management of the property has remained the same. Back to top>>>

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for saleASHEPOO-COMBAHEE-EDISTO (ACE) BASIN
    Bonnie Doone is located in the Ashepoo-Combahee-Edisto (ACE) Basin, which consists of approximately 350,000 acres of diverse habitats including pine and hardwood uplands, forested wetlands, fresh, brackish and salt water tidal marshes, barrier islands and beaches. The basin’s unique estuarine system provides invaluable habitat for a rich diversity of finfish and shellfish resources. The basin hosts a wealth of wildlife resources, including such endangered and threatened species as bald eagle, woodstork, osprey, loggerhead sea turtle and shortnose sturgeon, and offers a variety of recreational uses. In the mid-1700s, tidal swamps bordering the rivers were cleared and diked for rice culture. After the rice culture declined in the late 1800s, wealthy sportsmen purchased many of the plantations as hunting retreats. The subsequent owners successfully managed the former rice fields and adjacent upland areas for a wide range of wildlife. This tradition of land stewardship continues today. Because of their importance to waterfowl, these former rice fields have been identified for protection under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. The ACE Basin has also been designated as a world class ecosystem under The Nature Conservancy’s Last Great Places program.  Back to top>>>

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for saleGEOGRAPHIC/REGIONAL OVERVIEW
    The topography, soils and climate in the region offer above-average timber growing conditions. The dominant soil type is Argent loam which is well suited to cropland, pastureland and woodland. In the winter the average temperature is 49 degrees F, and the average daily minimum temperature is 36 degrees F. In summer the average temperature is 79 degrees F, and the average daily maximum temperature is 90 degrees F. The total annual precipitation is 52 inches – 60% of which falls in April through September.

    Bonnie Doone is conveniently located near Interstate 95 which can be accessed to the west via SC Highways 64 and 63; to the northeast via SC Highway 61 and County Highway 34; and to the southwest by SC Highway 17. Interstate 95 runs north to Houlton, Maine, and south to Miami, Florida. Colleton County is also served by US Highways 15, 17A, 21 and 601 and numerous South Carolina highways. The nearest airports serviced by commercial airlines are located in Charleston and Savannah. There is a 6,000 foot-runway located at the Walterboro airport less than fifteen minutes from the property. Back to top>>>

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for saleDEVELOPMENT FEASIBILITY STUDY
    The current owner commissioned a feasibility study of the potential for mitigation and development in February 2006 for the Bonnie Doone Plantation. The main property (Blocks 1, 2 and 3) was assessed to determine the mitigation, conservation and possible development potential using available GIS data, aerial photographs, and applicable local government development regulations. A brief synopsis of the study is outlined below. The full report with corresponding maps can be viewed at AFM’s office located at 2096 Cottageville Highway in Walterboro, South Carolina.

    Mitigation Potential
    The Bonnie Doone Tract appears to be a good candidate for a mitigation bank. The property has a network of tributary creeks or streams originating from on-site headwater areas and numerous isolated wetlands. These systems, along with a designated buffer, may offer enhancement, restoration, and/or preservation mitigation potential.

    Residential Potential
    According to available GIS data and aerial interpretation, the Bonnie Doone Tract also has a significant amount of uplands suitable for possible development. The Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan for Colleton County is currently undergoing revisions and slated for adoption in mid-2006.

    The property has the potential to provide mitigation projects associated with on- or off-site development impacts. Back to top>>>

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for saleFOREST MANAGEMENT
    The current owner is actively managing the properties included in this offering for timber production. The information resulting from these management activities is contained in a state-of-the-art, integrated timber inventory system, and is complemented with the use of a Geographic Information System. The data from both of these systems will be made available to the prospective buyer(s). The Bonnie Doone Plantation land has been managed under the guidelines of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) of the American Forest and Paper Association. All of the timberland has been audited by a third party and certified to be in compliance with SFI requirements. Back to top>>>

    The Bonnie Doone timberlands are predominantly comprised of quality pine and hardwood trees. The land cover type is classified as approximately 81% pine, 11% hardwood, 2% pine/pine-hardwood and 6% non-timberland. A good mix of age classes is present on both pine and hardwood types, with half the acres in mature merchantable age classes. The high percentage of mature age-class stands offers the buyer(s) significant opportunities for good near-term cash flows. The good mix of well-established, younger age classes will continue to provide cash flows on a sustainable basis.  Back to top>>>

    The Seller will reserve timber through December 31, 2007, on selected stands to be thinned to a residual basal area of 60. Maps of the reserved stands are included on the available CD.  The timber within these reserved stands is excluded from the Timber Inventory.  The successful buyer will have the opportunity (if desired) to make an offer for the reserved timber. Back to top>>>

    Timber Information By Block



    % Pine

    % Hardwood

    % Natural Pine-Hardwood

    % Non-Timbered


























    Species Composition and Product Mix by Block (tons)


    Block 1

    Block 2

    Block 3

    Block 4


    % of Total

    Pine Sawtimber







    Pine Chip N Saw







    Pine Pulpwood







    Hardwood Sawtimber







    Hardwood Pulpwood














    BLOCK 1 – 1,519.61 ACRES
    This portion of the plantation has extensive paved road frontage on both Ritter Road (S-15-41) [7,600 feet] and Bonnie Doone Road (S-15-458) [11,200 feet], which may provide for some commercial development and mini-farm opportunities. This parcel could easily be subdivided into smaller woodland acreage units. There are numerous stands of thinned and mature pine throughout Block 1, offering nice quail hunting possibilities. The predominantly upland acreage is accessible through the presence of a well-maintained internal road system. Back to top>>>

    BLOCK 2 – 4,257.44 ACRES
    With its large size, diverse pine and hardwood forest cover type, proximity to and frontage on the navigable Ashepoo River (5,400 feet), and abundant internal tributaries, Block 2 is a very attractive recreational hunting and fishing acreage. A nice live oak stand of trees surrounds the perfect building site on a hill bordering the Ashepoo River. This area is located in a secluded interior portion of the block and has both electricity and telephone connections in place. Old, abandoned rice fields are also located nearby. A commercial hunting and fishing operation may be the perfect use of this plantation acreage. One of the entrances to this block is through an old, brick gate bearing the plantation name etched in stone located on Ritter Road. There is also 14,500 feet of paved road frontage along the road associated with Block 2. An excellent interior road system provides access throughout the timberland. Back to top>>>

    Bonnie Doone South Carolina Planatation acreage for saleBLOCK 3 – 480.04 ACRES
    This is the smallest sale block and has some attractive features. The acreage is comprised of upland stands of both merchantable and premerchantable loblolly pine trees along Bonnie Doone Road. Behind the pine trees on the eastern side of the property is hardwood bottomland having a variety of tree species and providing recreational hunting and possibly some pond sites. There is also 13,700 feet of paved road frontage along the road. Block 3 would be a nice rural tree farm with some development potential along the highway. Back to top>>>

    BLOCK 4 – 1,281.25 ACRES
    This timberland tract does not border Blocks 1, 2, and 3 but is situated close by. The property has close to 9,300 feet of paved road frontage on both Princes Bridge Lane and Maybank Lane. Block 4 could easily be subdivided into numerous smaller minifarm parcels due to the amount of public access available. Predominantly merchantable stands of loblolly pine comprise most of the woodland acreage. A portion (3,000 feet) of the property borders the navigable Horseshoe Creek with a public boat landing nearby. Possible pond sites are located along the internal drainage tributaries. Block 4 appears to be an excellent commercial development opportunity.  Back to top>>>

    We are pleased to offer the following additional data on the enclosed CD for review and evaluation of all of the sale blocks:

    • Overview Maps
    • Topographic Maps
    • Stand Type Maps
    • Aerial Photographs
    • Timber Volumes and Reserved Timber
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • Back to top>>>





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